Privacy Policy
We are aware of your issues and concerns regarding the privacy of your data on the website .This privacy policy has been prepared to create more understanding among the users about the data collected while visiting Vecret and how this personal information is interpreted accordingly.
Internet Surfing
This website has not been designed to collect your private information when you are surfing .If the data provided is to be used , you will be made aware beforehand.
Internet Protocol (IP)
Generally, the hosting server automatically records your internet protocol (IP) and any details such as the date and time of your visit and the type of the browser used as well as the URL(the address of a World Wide Web page) on any website.
Network Surveys
Your reviews are highly appreciated by Vecret and are taken into great consideration.The feedbacks help us to improve our content on the website.
Links to External Sites
Links to other sites in the internet or advertisements from other sites like Google AdSense may be connected to our website.The specific external companies have the absolute right to display ads ,to collect and to use these informations(excluding the name, address ,email or phone).
Disclosure Of Information
Your personal data will be kept into full confidentiality.Your personal information will never be disclosed unless there is a law requirement but all these actions will be executed with your consent.
Disclosure of Information to Third Parties
We will not sell, trade, rent or disclose any information to any third party out of this website or sites out of our network and we will only disclose information when ordered by a legal or organisational entity.
Data Privacy
Vecret has the full right to do any modification pertaining to confidential information and privacy policy if the need arises.
Contact Us
All data that you display on this website will be kept in full privacy. The form on Vecret has to be used for any query and Vecret will answer through this site.
We highly respect your fears and concerns that you have.We do acknowledge privacy as a sensitive issue and we promise to deliver the best of our professional selves.