Meet the Team
Yas Seen
He is the one who created from scratch. It took about 2+ months and a lot of dedication to code the site from an empty notepad ++ file to Yas Seen also owns, and manage various projects.
Za Heen
Having someone that makes you happy, motivates you, inspires you and believes in you can really take your life to a new level. This website is the best example ever. All these would have been difficult and almost impossible without her. Just like the sun, she's the one who had spread warmth and inspire me to build vecret. Thank you very much.
Without her, the name and the entire static page on vecret would not have been possible. She had helped by sacrificing sleep and staying late at night to help in building she is also the one who had helped a lot in decision making and choosing the best server and the perfect logo for vecret. She is the one who manage users account.
Zu hayr
When you go through dark time and cannot see any light ahead, your best friend will shine like a diamond. He is the one who believes in me when no one else was there and on top of that, he always makes me feel like I worth something. He was always there for me in any situation. He is the one who manage vecret financing department.
Ahz Hoolash
I still remember all the gold memories from college and now look at us even if we hadn't met for more than 4 years, "vecret" had brought us together now let's imagine what's effect will it be on the world. We may hadn't met a long time ago but we still share that friendship from the first day also "You can't go in the past but we can make a better future".
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